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Today’s private sector is increasingly playing an important role in the provision of security training and expertise for legitimate civil and national authorities.  Recognising this, and with our in-depth knowledge specific to the needs of the Gulf, ITT offers a series of high-quality courses in effective military and security training.


Our wide range of courses cover a broad spectrum of defence-related topics and are designed to provide training and advisory programs to meet a diverse array of needs. Combining hands-on instruction with true-to-life exercises, all courses are delivered by specialists with a high level of training and operational experience in military, intelligence and security services.  


Programs are designed for both individuals or groups, and can be undertaken either within the client’s own premises or in our own facilities, where appropriate

Our courses will help develop and enhance clients’ skills in the areas of:

·         Surveillance

·         Special Forces

·         Intelligence

·         Internal Security 

·         VIP Protection 

·         Counter-Terrorism 

·         Management and Leadership 

·         Interrogation, Investigation and Negotiation 

·         Peacekeeping 

·         General Skills 

·         Air Recognition Training 

·         Aviation Security 

·         Naval 

·         Explosives and Search

·         Police and Security

·         Naval Professional Courses