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This is one of a five-part series course will teach your employees the proper procedures for installing, maintaining and troubleshooting centrifugal pumps. It discusses pump basics and terminology, mechanical seals, bearing failure, cavitation, entrainment, and disassembly and repair. A specific course has been created explaining the theoretical principles of interpreting pump performance curves, Affinity Laws, and matching specifications of a system to its application.

Learn the basics of troubleshooting, including identification of symptoms of failure, disassembly of centrifugal pumps, and correct safety precautions. Additionally, students learn safe ways to prepare pumps for inspection including disconnecting, removal, and component inspection.

Topics include:

• Troubleshooting and safety
• Possible causes of high motor temperature, overheated packing and bearings
• Signs of and causes for cavitation, vibration, and air entrainment
• Causes of low flow rate and low discharge pressure
• Procedures for isolating a pump, depressurizing a system, draining and inspecting
• Location and consequences of pitting, erosion, and scoring in a pump

• Pump differences, design, and classification
• Centrifugal pump components, parts and functions
• Compression packing, mechanical seals, lantern rings .
• Purpose of pumps in a fluid system

• Basic start-up, operation, shutdown and maintenance of pumps
• System components requiring monitoring and adjusting
• Abnormal operating conditions