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This course is to help your employees gain a knowledge of fluid characteristics and understand how fluids exert pressure to support loads and flow to move loads.

Proper maintenance is one of the most critical – and yet often the most overlooked – requirements of a hydraulic system. This course focuses on the importance of pro-active maintenance, system safety, and inspections and tests.

Topics Covered include:

• System safety
• Pumps and relief valves
• Conductors and fluid leaks
• Fluid condition
• Guards, safety circuits and emergency stops
• Control valves
• Maintenance practices
• Maintenance systems
• Preventive maintenance
• Predictive maintenance
• Routine tasks
• Fluid maintenance
• Temperature and appearance
• Eliminating potential contaminants
• Maintaining clean fluid
• Pump maintenance
• Preventing breakdowns
• Cavitation
• Other pump problems
• Actuators
• Pressure, flow and directional control valves