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Make sure the temperature is just right at your facility with this course, one in a comprehensive seven-part course. It will teach workers how HVAC components work together and how regular maintenance will help ensure operating efficiency. Designed to give technicians a detailed understanding of air handlers, cooling systems and towers, condensers and electrical systems -- as well as an overview of basic troubleshooting techniques.
By following a careful, step-by-step troubleshooting process, your technicians will be able to return your facility's heating and air conditioning system to full operation more quickly -- and keep the system running more efficiently. This course discusses how a typical HVAC system works, the tools used in troubleshooting and system analysis, how to perform a walkaround visual inspection, and how to troubleshoot and isolate system problems.

Topics covered include:
• Basic principles
• Compressors
• Air handlers
• Condensers
• Chillers
• Operating environment
• Common refrigerants
• Troubleshooting steps
• Tools
• Pressure gauges
• Electronic thermometer
• Halide or electronic refrigerant detector
• Multimeter
• Isolating failure
• Visual inspection
• Motors
• Pressure testing
• Voltage check