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Knowledge of gears and gear systems is critical in today's mechanized world. This new course was designed specifically for maintenance technicians and engineers whose job requires comprehensive knowledge of gears and gear-related topics. This course covers gear basics, installations, maintenance and troubleshooting.

Topics include:

• Installation procedures specific to spur, helical, bevel, miter, and worm gearing
• Types of wear associated with open gearing systems
• Inspection procedures for spur, helical, bevel, miter, and worm gear sets
• Symptoms and determining causes of failure
• Solutions for open gear systems
• Safety procedures with open gear systems

Knowledge of the components and operation of directly coupled drive systems is critical to the success or failure of industrial machinery. This new course goes beyond the basics of drive packages teaching fundamentals, components, troubleshooting and more.

Topics include:

•  Understanding the components of a directly coupled drive system

•  Characteristics of operation unique to directly coupled drive systems

•  Understanding the components of jackshaft and auxiliary drive systems

•  Unique properties of jackshaft and auxiliary drive systems

•  Effects of changing input and output speeds on auxiliary and jackshaft drive systems

•  Computing drive system efficiency

•  Principles of operation for spring operated, shear pin and heat-actuated overload devices

•  Troubleshooting strategies for drive packages