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Of all the major HVAC components, the air handler is perhaps most responsible for maintaining comfort and safety in the workplace -- but only if skillfully maintained. This course trains workers to calibrate and maintain air handlers to operate at peak efficiency.

Topics covered include:

• Calibrating the major systems
• Pressure sensors and controls
• Temperature and humidity controls
• Outside air dampers
• Return air dampers
• Exhaust dampers
• System testing
• Freeze-stat
• High-static safety controls
• Water valves
• Smoke alarms
• Damper systems
• Troubleshooting techniques
• Common problems• Air handler operation
• Variable Air Volume (VAV)
• Constant Air Volume (CAV)
• Pre-maintenance checklist
• Scheduling and maintaining a log
• Tools and PPE
• Critical preventive maintenance
• Fan, belts and motor
• Louver and damper controls