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>> Grounding in Electrical Systems & Noise Reduction in Instrument Loops

Description :

This course provides an understanding of grounding, from both an electrical systems relationship and an instrument loops relationship. The purpose of grounding and electrical systems, grounding for safety, signal noise, signal wiring systems, and methods used to reduce noise.

You will be able to :

  • Learn the relationship between earth ground to electricity and electrical shock.
  • Understand why some electrical systems are connected to earth ground.
  • Use the National Electric Code (NEC) as standard for grounding instrument systems.
  • Understand how people become part of an electrical circuit and how to avoid it.
  • Understand what a ground loop is.
  • Compare noise and interference and how they are transmitted.
  • Identify instrument signal wiring and conductors.
  • Use methods to reduce instrument noise.
  • Understand the effects of harmonics on power systems, control systems, and computers.

You will cover :

  • Grounding : NEC Definitions / Earth Ground / Electrical Shock/ Wye-and Delta-Connected Transformers/ Grounding Electrical Systems/ Methods of Grounding Electrical Systems/ Isolated Grounding/ Ground Loops in Instrumentation.
  • Noise : What is Noise? / What is Interference? / Transmission of Noise and Interference/ Signal Wiring and Conductors / Shielding and Grounding in Instrumentation / Methods of Shielding and Grounding in Instrumentation.
  • Powering Sensitive Electronic Equipment : Power disturbance waveforms/ Surge suppression devices and characteristics/ Power Conditioners/ UPS / Power system harmonics and their effect.

Classroom/ Laboratory Exercises :

  • Label voltage potential that exists between transformer taps on handout.
  • Check body resistance and compare results.
  • Demonstrate the operation of a GFCI receptacle.
  • Measure harmonic distortion.