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Description :

This concentrated 100% hands-on experience that expands your basic understanding of measurement and control. During the course, you will cover equipment familiarization, operation, calibration, and tuning.

You will be able to :

  • Understand safe laboratory practices.
  • Apply hands-on skills learned in the laboratory exercises.
  • Operate, test, and tune a simple feedback control loop.
  • Operate an electronic controller.
  • Connect, calibrate, and operate various measurement devices.
  • Operate test equipment, including: calibrators, digital miltiimeters, and power supplies.
  • Communicate the principles of operation of smart devices and transmitters.

You will cover :

  • Proper Operation and Use of Test Equipment : Digital Multimeters/ Calibrators.
  • Industrial Measurement Devices : Pressure, Temperature, Level, Flow / Instrument Calibration Principles.
  • Principles of Feedback Control Loops : Assembly / Operation / testing/ Component Calibration/ Tuning.
  • Final Control Elements : Types of Control Valves/ Control Valve Operation/ Actuator Operation.
  • Industrial Control Fundamentals : Digital Controllers/ Smart Transmitter Configuration.

Classroom/Laboratory Exercises :

  • Calibrate process measurement devices for leve, temperature, pressure and flow using a variety of state-of-the-art calibration equipment.
  • Configuration of smart transmitters.
  • Operation of digital controllers.
  • Learn control loop tuning using software.
  • Build and tune an actual feedback control loop.