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>> Troubleshooting Electrical Control Circuits

Course Purpose :

During this class, you will spend a minimum of 70% of the time actually working at a troubleshooting station with circuits that are identical in every respect to motor control circuits in your plant. There is no lengthy discussion of electron theory, magnetism, or any other basic subject in this seminar. It is devoted almost exclusively to teaching Hands-On troubleshooting, using the simple circuit and gradually becoming more complex. ITT's Hands-on instruction makes it easier to retain you troubleshooting skills far into the future.

Topical Outline :

•  Electrical schematics (ladder diagrams.)

•  Logical circuits.

•  Basic electrical principles.

•  Transformers.

•  Disconnecting devices.

•  Control elements – switches and loads.

•  Troubleshooting suggestions.

•  Ground – fault protection.

•  Motor overload protection.

•  Hands-On exercise circuits.