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>> High Voltage Electrical Safety OSHA Requirements 29 CFR 1910.269


Course Purpose :

While it is widely recognized that electric utility employees are highly skilled and generally well trained, OSHA has determined a need for employees to be trained on a continuing basis. Instruction in safe techniques for performing specific job tasks is not sufficient to ensure that employees will use safe work practices all the time.

Topical Outline :

•  General requirements.

•  Medical services and first aid.

•  Hazardous energy control.

•  Enclosed spaces.

•  Excavations.

•  Personal protective equipment.

•  Ladders, platforms, etc.

•  Hand and portable power tools.

•  Live-line tools.

•  Materials handling and storage.

•  Working on or near energized parts.

•  De-energized lines and equipment.

•  Grounding.

•  Testing and test facilities.