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>> Introduction to the 2005 National Electric Code


Course Purpose :

This educational seminar is designed to clarify the requirements of the National Electrical Code and to provide basic instructions on the newest edition. When your team knows the most current code requirements, they will understand how to work safer, reducing risk and liabilities, protecting personnel and equipment. We will discuss rules to minimize the risk of electricity as a source of electric shock and as an ignition source of fires and explosions. Plus: you will receive the 2005 NEC- Electrical Systems Manual and a copy of the 2005 National Electrical.

Topical Outline :

•  The National Electrical Code.

•  Branch circuits and feeders.

•  Services.

•  Conductors and over current protection.

•  Grounding.

•  Wiring methods.

•  Wiring materials- raceways and boxes.

•  Wiring materials- switches, switchboards, and panel boards.

•  Equipment for general use.

•  Motors, generators, A/C and refrigeration, plus fire pumps.

•  Transformers.

•  Special locations.

•  Review questions, trade tests, and final exam.

Also Covered :

•  New requirements for flash-protection marking and panic hardware in Article 110.

•  New Article 285 in Chapter 2 on working with transient-voltage surge suppressors.

•  All chapter 3 raceway and cable articles revised and renumbered free bookmark listing changes.

•  All rules for receptades, cord connectors, and attachment plugs in new Article 406.

•  New rules for the location of a motor disconnect in Article 430.

•  New Article 647 on sensitive electronic equipment.

•  New Article 692 on fuel-cell systems.

•  Hazardous (classified) locations articles completely reorganized.

•  List of product safety standards in new Annex A.

•  Review of the Electrical Systems CD.