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Course Purpose :

To provide you with an understanding of the concepts and terminology of drive technology. This course will provide the necessary fundamental knowledge and skills required to attend other courses in AC and DC drives curriculum.

Course Objectives :

Upon completion of this course, you will gain an understanding of AC and DC drive fundamentals by performing these tasks:

•  Identify the components and functionality of basic drive system.

•  Identify the protection devices and functionality of a basic drive system.

•  Recognize AC and DC drive system hardware.

•  Describe AC and DC drive system operation

•  Identify types of loads

•  Identify the features of AC. DC and motion control drive system.

•  Select a drive system for basic applications.

Prerequisites :

The following prerequisites are required:

•  General knowledge of electricity and electronics.

•  Basic understanding of machines used in modern technology.

Topical Outline :

•  Preventing Electrostatic Damage to Drive System Components.

•  Identifying Basic Drive System Components and Functions.

•  Identifying Protection Devices and Functions.

•  Recognizing DC Drive System Hardware.

•  Describing DC Drive System Operation.

•  Recognizing AC Drive System Hardware.

•  Describing AC Drive System Operation.

•  Selecting a Drive System for Basic Applications.