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Electrical Training courses give electricians, technicians, and engineers, the skills to safely and efficiently work with motors, electronics, and PLCs.


·         Basics of Industrial Electricity

·         Grounding and Bonding of Electrical Systems

·         Introduction to AC Motor Maintenance

·         Records, Tools, and Instruments

·         Preventive AC Motor Maintenance

·         Measurement in Preventive AC Motor Maintenance

·         Preparing for Periodic AC Motor Maintenance

·         Motor Disassembly and Re-assembly in Periodic AC Motor Maintenance

·         Corrective Maintenance for AC Motors

·         Motors, Introduction to DC Motor Maintenance, Commutator Inspection, Commutator  Wear,
   Commutator Maintenance,
Brush Maintenance

·         Industrial Electronics

·         AC & DC Drives, Applications & Maintenance

·         Fiber Optic Training

·         High Voltage Electrical Safety OSHA Requirements

·         Introduction to the 2005 Electrical Code

·         Troubleshooting Electrical Control Circuits

·         Understanding Electrical Systems