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In response to industry requests, ISA has developed a certification program for industrial maintenance mechanics. ISA certification as a CIMM® will provide a non-biased, third-party, objective assessment and confirmation of the skills of your industrial maintenance mechanics. For maintenance mechanics, the CIMM® program provides an opportunity to stand out from the crowd and be recognized.
CIMM®s are responsible for preventive, predictive, and corrective maintenance. They perform troubleshooting and analysis, and apply sound maintenance practices in all aspects of their work. CIMM®s are multi-skilled individuals whose expertise is primarily mechanical in nature as opposed to instrumentation or electrical.

CIMM® Benefits Employers

Ø       An objective third-party tool to bring all employees to the same level 

Ø       Qualification tool for new hires and contractors

Ø       Way to establish a pay for performance system

Ø       Encourages development of a well-rounded skill set for mechanics

CIMM® Benefits Maintenance Mechanics

Ø       Gain the opportunity for recognition and career advancement

Ø       Receive verification of skills that transfer from one employer to another

Ø       Opportunity for personal and career development