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Product ISBN / ID     978-1-55617-683-8

Format                        Book and CD ROM

Length                        344 pages

Book Size                  

Copyright                   2000

Publisher                    ISA

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Fundamentals of Process Control Theory, 3rd Edition with CD-ROM
P.W. Murrill

About this Item

ISA’s all-time best-selling book is now available on a fully indexed and searchable CDROM. With the book and the companion CD-ROM, it's easier than ever to teach yourself the complexities of process control theory. This classic has been praised for its clear presentation of the principles of process automation and its excellent overview of advanced control techniques. More than just a reference book, it’s a complete course on the subject, with exercises and answers to work through. Both theoretical and practical, this guide lets readers teach themselves the fundamental scientific principles that govern process control, particularly feedback control. Its 15 self-study units provide a solid foundation in theory, as well as a discussion of recent technologies such as computer-integrated manufacturing, statistical process control, and expert systems. New chapters focus on the conceptual framework for an application, offering a practical understanding of the theory, along with specific illustrations on how concepts are implemented. Appendices include a glossary of terms, graphic symbols for process measurement and control, and solutions to all exercises.

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