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Product ISBN / ID     0-8493-2767-9

Format                        Hardbound Book

Length                        410 Pages

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Copyright                   2004

Publisher                    ISA / CRC Press

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Flow of Industrial Fluids - Theory and Equations
Raymond Mulley

About this Item

This book provides context - both theoretical and practical to all those who wish to understand fluid flow. The book’s purpose is to link fluid flow theory to practice in sufficient detail to give its chosen audience an understanding of both theory and practice. The theoretical detail is limited to that necessary to understand practical problems - to the application of equipment and devices, not to their design. Insight is the primary goal. Basic theory and equations of fluid flow are given in an understandable but not overly simplified manner. To satisfy a broad intended audience, the book has a parallel structure of chapters and appendices. The chapters contain a logical, common sense description of the concepts and the equations of fluid flow. The appendices contain detailed derivations of the equations and detailed explanations of the subject matter of the corresponding chapters. Over 60 illustrations and 20 tables provide a graphical representation of data and ideas and allow the reader speedy access to precise data. Technical caveats found throughout the book also encourage the reader to pay particular attention to specific topics and thus avoid costly errors or misunderstandings. Many texts deal with instruments to measure and control flow of fluids. They describe how devices work and only discuss fluid mechanics and dynamics incidentally. This text is intended to be complementary to the above mentioned ones. It takes a different approach. It discusses fluid flow, so as to give the reader a clear grasp of the fundamentals that impact his or her work. The fundamentals are then linked to entire fluid systems

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